Thank you for choosing Allvan! Your unit is not covered by our warranty until registration is complete. Please fill out your information on the form below. You can find the information required on the blue sticker attached to the unit. See sample here.


Allvan USA LLC (herein call seller) warrants to only the initial buyer that its product, when used in normal service and within the limits of its specification, is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from delivery.


Seller disclaims all other express and implied warranties including warranty of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. Seller’s warranty hereunder is limited to repair or replacement, at the sole discretion of seller, of any defective product of which notice of the defect is given by buyer immediately after such defect is, or should have been, discovered and which product is returned, at buyer’s expense, to seller’s factory within 20 days of Seller’s request for such return. Seller disclaims liability for further damage due to continued use with such defect remaining. Seller assumes no liability for cargo loss, loss of use, incidental costs or any consequential loss or damage. “Normal Service” means usage in the manner and for such purposes for which said product is generally utilized and on well-maintained public roads not subjecting the product to unusual strains or impacts. Transportation to and from another Seller-approved repair station is at buyer’s expense. Components built by others are warranted by their respective manufacturers and not by Seller. No warranty is made by seller for: parts that are not defective but are subjected to wearing out due to exposure and normal use; parts that are modified, repaired or replaced by others without Seller’s written consent; van body floors that expand and contract due to atmospheric conditions. An AUTHORIZATION NUMBER from Seller is required if the pending claim is over $100.00. Warranty repairs or replacements shall not extend the warranty period.

Fleet Graphics are held under the manufacturer warranty associated with the vinyl product. Proper care and acknowledgment of the limitations of fleet graphics are listed in the terms and conditions attached to your bill of sale. Allan reserves the right to determine if any or all graphics would or would not be included in a warranty claim.

Additional parts and service can be purchased via our online store or by contacting us directly.

For more information please contact our office at (615) 459-2511