BRANDPORTATION (Fleet Graphics & Wraps)


Need something unique per your fleet graphic branding – either from scratch or an evolution of your existing design? Our experienced designer and graphics team can make it happen.


Get beautiful, full-color, digitally printed graphics using leading products for longevity and durability. Cut vinyl, wraps, print on vinyl…you name it, we do it…all in-house too!


No need to coordinate your fleet graphics design and install somewhere else. Let Allvan pros do it so your new unit arrives ready to go. Allvan is your one-stop shop for brandportation needs!

Fleet graphics, also known as truck or trailer graphics or vehicle wraps, are an effective form of advertising and branding that involve applying vinyl graphics or decals to company vehicles. These graphics transform an otherwise ubiquitous, plain truck or trailer into a mobile billboard, creating a powerful visual impact and promoting brand recognition.

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Why fleet graphics?

  1. Concept: Your truck or trailer is a huge blank canvas. Bland road noise. Install cut or full wrap vinyl or print your curtains. Voila, your blank canvas becomes a symphony on wheels. 24-7-365 advertising and branding. Your trucks really can become your most cost effective marketing strategy.
  2. Brand: Your logo, tagline, mission statement and/or company culture can be printed and installed on your fleet equipment. Fleet graphics help you establish and reinforce your company’s brand identity. A fleet that looks the same is also representative of your company’s preofessionalism.
  3. Mobile Advertising: Fleet graphics allow you to have your own billboards rolling around town and the country all day every day. Often times your supplychain vendor/partners are willing to pay you to include their logos on your trucks and trailers. Ask us about this and we can explain more.
  4. Customization: Fleet graphics can be customized to reflect a company’s unique style, color scheme, and design preferences. This ensures that the vehicles align with the overall branding strategy and stand out from competitors. Design elements such as images, text, patterns, and illustrations can be incorporated into the graphics.
  5. Versatility: Fleet graphics can be applied to various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, trailers, vans, and even buses. Regardless of the vehicle size or shape, the graphics can be tailored to fit and enhance its appearance.
  6. Longevity: High-quality vinyl materials and printing techniques are used to create fleet graphics, ensuring durability and longevity. The graphics are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, such as sunlight, rain, and car washes, while maintaining their vibrant colors and integrity.
  7. Non-permanent option: For companies that prefer flexibility or have leased vehicles, fleet graphics can be designed as removable decals or wraps. This allows for easy removal or replacement without damaging the vehicle’s original paint.
  8. Return on Investment: Fleet graphics are a cost-effective advertising method, especially when compared to other forms of traditional advertising. They provide continuous exposure over an extended period, maximizing brand reach and potentially generating leads and business opportunities.

A designer with fleet graphics expertise?

  1. Conceptualization and Design: A graphic designer can work closely with the fleet company to understand branding, objectives, and target audience. Together, we develop creative concepts and design options for the vehicle wrap. Since fleet design is different than stationary or tee-shirts, it is important to work with a designer who understands purpose-centric branding per vehicle size, shape, and any specific requirements or limitations.
  2. Branding and Visual Identity: A fleet graphic designer can ensure that the vehicle wrap aligns with the company’s brand guidelines and visual identity.
  3. Customization and Tailoring: Each vehicle within a fleet may have different specifications or design considerations. The graphic designer can customize the vehicle wrap to fit the dimensions and contours of each vehicle type, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing result. They will consider placement of graphics, text readability, and overall aesthetic balance.
  4. Design Mockups and Visualization: We work with your team to create digital mockups or visualizations of the vehicle wrap design, allowing the fleet company to preview and evaluate how the graphics will appear on their vehicles.
  5. Material and Production Expertise: An experienced graphic designer can advise you on selecting high-quality vinyl or other suitable materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor conditions. Since Allvan owns and manages our own print production, we have teh solutions covered there as well.
  6. Installation Guidelines: Allvan has installers on staff, backup contract installers, PLUS we can print and send if you prefer or need to install vinyl at your own location.
  7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Allvan can offer support and guidance on maintenance, cleaning, and any necessary repairs or replacements. They may provide recommendations on extending the lifespan of the of the graphics and preserving their appearance.