Since you are reading this, you are either one of our body co competitors trying to learn our secrets OR you are a professional mover looking to invest in the best equipment available. Either way, thanks for checking us out. Allvan has been honored to serve generations of movers – 55 years and counting. We call our van bodies “Pro Mover” units because that is what they are. Overcab attics are iconic plus allow for max cubes. Our handmade swing doors keep water out. Typical placement for these is at the rear and on both sides for load/unload flexibility. We do not use plastic corner caps because those suck, respectfully of course. Our (cast aluminum) corner caps, stainless posts and doorframes, extrusions, panels and roof coils are all optimally robust because we understand customer houses have unavoidable tree limbs and obstacles. Finally, our bodies are over-designed/-engineered to last for decades. An Allvan Pro Mover can and should be swung to 2-3 chassis. Get your swing on with Allvan for maximum ROI. Return on Investment is always important, but even more so during today’s rampant inflation. Few things to consider:
  1. Pro Mover body specs: As noted above, our specs are completely mover-centric. Don’t settle. Allvan bodies are built to bump and run with limbs and such. We have 2ft-centered vertical instead of horizontal log posts for infinite load restraint options. Kickplates on the lower walls help you preserve the life of your wall panels. Pin holes at each door for allows for properly secured Melcher ramps. Our LED strips are spec’d to be low draw but to still torch. We also include an LED spot at rear door for more work lumens. The body switch includes an auto-timer to preserve battery too. Need a spec that is not part of our “standard”…just ask. We install D’Hollandia lilftgates; we install treadplates at rear; we offer stainless slideout tailgates. Need it? Just ask. Don’t settle for a non-attic cargo body when you can invest in equipment made for the way you and your crews work.
  2. Mobile Branding – Fleet Graphics: When a customer watches your crews load everything they own into an Allvan body, they become a little less stressed on an otherwise hugely stressful move day. Pro is as pro does. Finished oak floors and LED strip lighting and inside wall and ceiling paneling will woo them. Woo on. Don’t forget too that you have over roughly 600 sq-ft of rolling billboard space on your van bodies. Allvan has a full-service, in-house fleet graphics department. Our team can design, print, install anything you need…from cut vinyl to full 3M wraps.
  3. Competitive Advantage: The perception is there are few barriers to entry for moving companies. All you need is a few dudes and a truck. The reality is more nuanced of course, but your crew and your equipment are still extremely important to your success. A body built to last and let you earn move revenues for 20 years: advantage. A body with an attic and side doors gives you instant recognition as a pro mover: advantage. Fleet graphics announcing your name and contact info everywhere that truck rolls: advantage. Etc, ad nauseum. Hire the best and invest in the best to be the best.

Below are some more examples of our custom features available for your Pro Mover build including lights, lift gates, floors, storages features, and doors.

Still interested (of course you are) and need a quote? Great. Just holler or have your truck rep reach out to us. We build our bodies for every brand of truck including Freightliner, International / Navistar, Hino, Ford, Mack, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Isuzu and more.