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Thanks for joining the ALLVAN family. Growing your Allvan fleet? Welcome back!!! We appreciate you and your business and stand ready to serve you however we can. Whichever of our bodies or trailers you now own,you chose wisely friend. Since the 1960s, ALLVAN = the best. Best engineered. Best built. Best/longest lasting.  Congrats to you our new favorite best-y. Please register your unit so that we can associate you with your specific equipment. It only takes 45 seconds to register. Please and thank you.

WARRANTY (read for a must do!)

Allvan equipment is overbuilt to last for decades. If no one has shared this with you yet, please consider swinging any Allvan body to multiple truck chassis. We are committed tto helping you fight inflation and have been for 60+ years now. Enjoy your best in the biz CAPX ROI! 

While we overbuild the best units in the business, sometimes things can happen. If you feel you have a warranty issue, please reach out to us directly. This isn’t just a suggestion, it is a requirement per our written warranty terms. Our team can’t honor your fix without knowing about your fix. Plus, more times than not we find thorough mutual remedies via a few pics and a phone call…saving both of us unnecessary time, grief and angst. If you have an issue outside of the traditional warranty, call us first too. Like you, we are reasonable, fair and customer centric. 

Warranty: just call your favorite Allvan rep or our main line at 615.459.2511

View warranty terms here!

We have parts for new and most of our vintage units. Need a new roller, pole, ratchet, extrusion, panel, walkboard racket or replacement curtain? Need parts, we got your parts! Lear more here: allvancorp.com/parts(or whatever?)

Parts: 615.459.2511 and parts@allvancorp.com


For years now we have been blessed with a huge build backlog and are usually forced to prioritize our new builds over repair work. When we can help you though, we will. Even if we are unable to repair your wrecked unit at our plant, we are happy to coordinate/direct the work with your shop. 

Service: just call your favorite Allvan rep or our main line at 615.459.2511


We now have all the expensive equipment and in-house experts to do any/all fleet graphics: full wraps, cut vinyl, full-color print on any color vinyl. Print, ship, install. Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes, yes-yes. Learn more here: allvancorp.com/fleetgraphics (or whatever it is?)

Fleet graphics: pls call 615.459.2511 and ask for Trever