Your fleet is your livelihood. Own the best. Be the best. Allvan.

Allvan has been manufacturing custom van bodies for professional movers and curtainside bodies and trailers for the building supply marketplace since the 1960s. Allvan is proud to be still hard at-it after six decades. We build the best…for the best. Please keep scrolling and clicking to learn more; and thank you for considering Allvan for your CAPX fleet equipment needs. We’re honored.

Pro Movers

Everyone knows their truck rep. If you do not know your body builder, you should. Hello! A custom, pro mover-specific van body helps your move crews work better. We help owners too because an Allvan body is meant to be swung to multiple chassis. ROI for the win.


Allvan curtainside bodies and trailers are a superior choice for material distributors. Drivers stay safer (no more tarping or deck climbing.) Loads stay better protected (alum roof.) Plus, you now have full or partial side access whenever/however needed.

Fleet Graphics

Your truck and trailer fleet is a large, blank canvas. Run’em naked-boring-blah or transform your fleet into rolling billboards. Allvan has the graphic designers, installers, equipment, and know-how for ANY style of fleet graphics so you can market, advertise and promote your brand.

Since 1965, Allvan (Nashville, TN) has been manufacturing custom transportation equipment for you, your parents and grandparents. Interestingly like NASCAR, Allvan has a little ‘moonshiner vs revenuer” in our DNA. Note: that was a statute of limitations and two owners ago. Mr Bob Brown (rest in peace) owned/ran the company from 1965-2013. Dave and Greg acquired the company from Bob and have been doing Allvan_2.0 for the last 10 years now. Same overbuilt and overengineered equipment. Same great customers and markets served. Just more – and better.

Allvan has a well-earned reputation for building van bodies that last for decades. Investing in a truck body to outlast multiple trucks…well, that’s just a smarter, better choice. Thanks for being smarter and better.

The rolling billboards that are the sides of your truck and trailers can project your brand all-day, every day. Our full-service, in-house fleet graphics department will make your equipment look as good as you. There is little our team can’t do.

No other company in North America builds a better curtainsider than Allvan. None has been building them as long either. Bold statements, but true. Ask around and/or call us to discuss the how-what-why of our curtainsider magic.

If you need a new unit based on “industry standard specs,” we have you covered. Over the last 50+ years, Allvan has literally developed std build specs in-hand with you, our industry partners. You and your business are not an afterthought to us. Your business is our business and visa versa. As custom body builders we can also improvise, engineer and build to your special requests. Need a liftgate, slideout tailgate, walkboard, bellybox, fleet graphics, cat protectors or something else? Just ask.

We search far and wide to find new and improved manufacturing methods. We get face to face with new parts vendors and have 3D printing capabilities to test new parts we fabricate.

Our graphics team includes professional designers with fleet branding experience since 2005. In addition to wraps, we offer complete branding solutions from the ground up.

Generations of skilled labor and decades of Allvan loyalty. Hard working men and women provide you with the best product available. American-made, Tennessee-made & proud!

Team Allvan-‘Office’

Our team is your team, but please don’t take that literally and try to poach anyone from our crew. Instead, let’s just take a minute to match a few names with their respective faces.

The Innovator


The Operator










Customer Liaison


Customer Liaison


Human Liaison (HR)








Production Manager




Retired Sales


“We are all dealing with the same BS (BuSiness fun) these days: a wonky supply chain, ongoing supply-demand imbalances, labor constraints, future econ uncertainties, inflation, cat thieves, etc. Good times. We can all choose to either navigate the nuttiness alone or together. We prefer the latter and have a strong group of like-minded friends and partners to both rely upon AND to support. Please consider partnering too…the more friends, the merrier.”

– Dave




All professional moving van bodies are not created equally.

Adding a ‘peak’ and cutting side doors into a mass-produced cargo box is NOT a pro mover solution. Honestly, that kind of frankenbuild sucks (with all due respect.) We build every moving van body, container body, vault body and pallet body (whatever you want to call them) from the ground-up as a singularly purposed ‘Pro Mover.’ If you are reading this, you know what we mean. Ask us to send you our detailed spec sheet; you will be impressed and understand why Allvan pro moving bodies last for decades. Plus, 60 years of asking, listening and innovating makes Allvan 100% certified-FOM (friends of movers.)

All curtainside trailers and bodies are not created equally.

Some body builders dabble in curtainsiders. Dealing with dabblers can be dangerous unless you do not care and like to live life on the edge. Curtainsiders are a niche expertise requiring proven engineering design, build techniques and know-how. These units are exposed to absurd amounts of stress (wind, road, load, weather, camber, forklifts, etc) so please think twice about buying a dabbled-together unit.  Allvan introduced European Tautliner curtainsider tech to North America a long time ago. We were the first and best then; we are even better today as we introduce new and exciting product innovations from Europe. Allvan curtainsiders have been road tested and proven for 40+ years and counting. No one else in the US can claim and match this. We’re keeping things dabble-free in Tennessee.