We are Allvan.

Allvan craftspeople have been hand building equipment for working professionals like you since 1965. 50+ years worth of customers have invested in Allvan units that are purposefully over-engineered and over-built to generate income for you and your business for (literally) decades! Allvan equipment ROI (return on investment) is unmatched. Smart professionals always choose Allvan. Thank you for being smart.

Your equipment is your livelihood. Own the best to be the best. Allvan.

Why Allvan?

All professional moving van bodies are not created equally.

Adding a ‘peak’ and cutting side doors into a mass-produced cargo box is NOT a pro mover solution. Honestly, that kind of frankenbuild sucks (with all due respect.) We build every moving van body, container body, vault body and pallet body (whatever you want to call them) from the ground-up as a singularly purposed ‘Pro Mover.’ If you are reading this, you know what we mean. Ask us to send you our detailed spec sheet; you will be impressed and understand why Allvan pro moving bodies last for decades. Plus, 50+ years of asking, listening and innovating makes Allvan 100% certified-FOM (friends of movers.) We’d have it no other way.

All curtainside trailers and bodies are not created equally.

Some builders dabble in curtainsiders. Dealing with dabblers can be dangerous unless you do not care and like to live life on the edge. Curtainside is a niche expertise requiring proven engineering design, build techniques and know-how. These units are exposed to absurd amounts of stress (wind, road, load, weather, etc) so think twice about trusting the dabblers.  Allvan introduced European Tautliner curtainsider tech to North America in the 1970s. We were the first and best then; we are today as well. Our curtainsiders have been road tested and proven for 40+ years and counting. No one else in the US can say this.


ROI = return on investment. The bigger the better. Buy a cargo box and trade it with your truck (meh), OR invest in an Allvan - purposefully built to outlast multiple chassis. Swing it 3-4x! Allvan offers the strongest ROI in the business. Period.

A company that relies on your feedback to evolve our products and our industry is a company that will survive and thrive (since 1965.) Our mantra says it all...