Your fleet is your livelihood. Own the best to be the best. Allvan.

Tennessee is growing as more people are migrating nationwide since the pandemic. Movers and building supplies are in high demand. Grow with us! We’ll help you increase your fleet numbers and brand recognition.

ProMover Solutions

Our custom moving van builds allows you to design your fleet to your specific needs in regards to access, loading, securing items, security, and safety.

Building Industry Solutions

Our curtainsider bodies and trailers give your fleet better loading and unloading capabilities while protecting your precious cargo from the elements.

Advertising Solutions

Whether you own or lease your fleet we have branding solutions that fit your needs. With our fully in-house graphics team we can build your stunning fleet of rolling billboards out the door!

60 Years of manufacturing excellence… and still going strong!

Since 1965, Allvan (based in Tennessee) has been manufacturing custom transportation equipment for our partners in the professional moving and building supply industries. We are relevant because we have been custom-spec building for your industries for so long. In turn, we have been serving your markets so long because we are so relevant. Your niche is our niche too!

  • Manufacturing • Trailers • Moving Vans
  • Fabrication • Container Bodies • Curtainsiders
  • Engineering Design • Load Covering • Customization


Allvan’s power trio of products and services offered in one location! We will work hard to find innovative solutions for your unique problem-solving requests. RESEARCH, DESIGN, PROTOTYPE, BUILD, and BEAUTIFY all under one roof eliminates excessive downtime and pulling your fleet out of service to transport to multiple businesses.

In addition to Moving Companies, we have created solutions for wide variety of industries with our custom box truck builds on a variety of chassis models.

Rolling billboards showcase you and your “Brandportation
Our in-house installers will have your wrap competed upon pick up.

Proven solution for driver safety and side load delivery requirements. Whether its built from the flatbed up or just replacement curtains, we will keep you looking new.

We search far and wide to find new and improved manufacturing methods. We get face to face with new parts vendors and have 3D printing capabilities to test new parts we fabricate.

Our graphics team includes professional designers with fleet branding experience since 2005. In addition to wraps, we offer complete branding solutions from the ground up.

Generations of skilled labor and decades of Allvan loyalty. Hard working men and women provide you with the best product available. American-made, Tennessee-made & proud!

We are a small company with huge diversity serving the best customers in the world, you!

65 team members and growing. From master’s in their field to interns training for the next generation of builders, everyone is crucial and contribute to our success.

Meet Some of Our Team

Our team is your team, lets put a face to the names you will be working so closely with during your partnership with Allvan
– your dedicated fleet equipment provider.















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For all who make it possible, thank you!

Let’s face it, we are all dealing with pretty much the same thing per broken-JIT, stressed supply chains and macro/micro econ surprises, so working together towards our shared goals makes us stronger and infinitely more valuable to our customer-partners. Please partner with us since friends and community support > going it alone.

Dave Powers CEO




All professional moving van bodies are not created equally.

Adding a ‘peak’ and cutting side doors into a mass-produced cargo box is NOT a pro mover solution. Honestly, that kind of franken-build sucks (with all due respect.) We build every moving van body, container body, vault body and pallet body (whatever you want to call them) from the ground-up as a singularly purposed ‘Pro Mover.’ If you are reading this, you know what we mean. Ask us to send you our detailed spec sheet; you will be impressed and understand why Allvan pro moving bodies last for decades. Plus, 50+ years of asking, listening and innovating makes Allvan 100% certified-FOM (friends of movers.)

All curtainside trailers and bodies are not created equally.

Some builders dabble in curtain siders. Dealing with dabblers can be dangerous unless you do not care and like to live life on the edge. Curtain side is a niche expertise requiring proven engineering design, build techniques and know-how. These units are exposed to absurd amounts of stress (wind, road, load, weather, etc) so think twice about trusting the dabblers.  Allvan introduced European Taut-liner curtain sider tech to North America in the 1970s. We were the first and best then; we are today as well. Our curtain siders have been road tested and proven for 40+ years and counting. No one else in the US can say this.