Built to Order [Curtain Interior Page]

Curtainsider Trailers

  • Custom lengths up to 53’…or longer.
  • Bulkhead made with .050” aluminum panels and 3.5” posts with 3/8” plywood interior.
  • Rear swing style, composite doors.
  • Seamless .040 aluminum roofing, bonded and riveted with Jstrip to roof rails.
  • Roof support poles and configuration specific to your build.
  • Curtains handbuilt in our curtainshop from the finest heavyweight, UV protected European-sourced vinyl available.
  • Ratchets (also euro sourced) tighten your curtains.
  • Graphics and paint-options are never a problem.
  • We build for almost all trailer manufacturers today: Doonan, Dorsey, Fontaine, Great Dane, MAC, Manac, Reitnouer, Stoughton, Strick, Wabash, Western, Utility, Vanguard, etc.

  • Curtainsider Bodies

  • Custom lengths up to 30′.
  • Handbuilt steel beam supported base with apitong flooring
  • Various useful floor load retention and build configurations available, just ask.