We are a small company of roughnecks serving the best customers in the world. you.

Allvan is a 55+ year-old custom transportation equipment manufacturing company in Nashville, TN. We’re small, and we care. Knowing -and being known by- our customers is important to us. The world survives multinational conglomerates. The world thrives, however, because of smaller, family-run enterprises. There is a good chance you are a small business too. Hello friend! Small business supporting other small business is what makes this country great. Thank you.


Please Don't steal our employees of course, but you know what we mean.
We believe: If you Do not know your body builder, You should.

Names with Faces

Dave & Greg

Dave Power

Dave allies with customers and industry partners to uncover and then get Allvan neck-deep-involved with all things innovative and disruptive for your marketplace. Yes, this really means that Dave gets Allvan into the #%!* from which Greg ultimately must manage us out. Viva Allvan teamwork.

DAVE POWER, Chief Disruptor/Partner

Contrary to this picture, Greg doesn't usually wear a coat and tie because it is hard to clean gear oil and welding splatter from wool and silk. Every day, Greg comes in and kicks butt working on/with production to make good even better. He is an operator-manager in the truest sense of the word.

GREG ASADOURIAN, Chief Ops/Partner